Break Ya Mind - International Dance School (Bournemouth, Poole)


Break Ya Mind – International Dance School specialized in Breakin' (Breakdance) based in  UK's Bournemouth since        20/01/2015 and in Poole since 13/01/2015 . The main aims of BYM are the motivation and creativity of     young people,         addressing life's challenges through dance, movement and artistic expression.   BYM is passionate about sharing the real       essence of breakin' dance culture. The artistic world of Breakin' helps to develop self-awareness, life skills,                                 character-building, humility and personal achievements. It is also a fun, positive lifestyle, promoting respect for diversity      and a passion for   life. BYM works within the true essence of Hip Hop culture and corresponds to the international                philosophy: "Peace, Love, Unity & Havin' Fun".


Cultural activities of BYM include organising dance/artistic workshops, events and jams, showcases and performances, cultural meetings and visiting prestigious dance events. In BYM classes, besides exploring dance forms, we also study the expressive drawing/painting art form known as Graffiti Art and we appreciate the technical skills and knowledge behind the musicial elements of Djin'/Turntablism and generes of Funk/Soul/Disco/Latin/Afrian/Rap music.

In our XXI century world of video games, internet and televisions , the younger generation often has less desire for physical or artistic activities. BYM promotes art form and healthy, conscious lifestyles. BYM is and opportunity for change.
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AWARDS at Breakin' Events as a Break Ya Mind :

  • 3 Place - ,,Surprise Battle 2v2' Bournemouth 2016 (B-Boy Fifi & B-Girl Jess)
  • 1 Place - ,,Klash Of Kings'' Bournemouth 2015 : 1vs1 (B-Boy KapOne)
  • 2 Place - ,,Klash Of Kings'' Bournemouth 2015 : kids battle 1vs1 (B-Boy FabX)
  • Semifinal - ,,The 10th Anniversary of Prodigyy '' Luterach/Austria 2015 : 2vs2 (B-Boy KapOne)
  • 1 Place - ,,Super Bad'' - Exeter 2015 : 1vs1 (B-Boy KapOne)


ORGANISED Dance & Cultural Event's as a Break Ya Mind :

  • ,,October Half-Term & 2v2 Surprise Battle'' : Bournemouth 2016
  • ,,VILE STYLE'' - International Dance Event : Bournemouth 2016
  • ,,Break Ya Mind The 1'st Anniversary'' - International Dance Event : Bournemouth 2016
  • ,,Breaking On The Roof'' - International Dance Event : Boscombe 2015
  • ,,VILE STYLE '' - International Dance Event as a part of organising team of ,,All Elements'' & ,,Pavilion Dance South West'' : Bournemouth 2015
  •  ,,Break Ya Mind'' - International Youth Dance Event : Szcecin 2014

PERFORMANCES as a Break Ya Mind :

  • ,,Enjoy-Work'' at Chiswick Park : London 2o16
  • ,,Urban Summer Explosion'' at the Seaside Stage - Bournemouth 2015
  • ,,Vile Style'' International Dance Event - Bournemouth 2015


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