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B-Boy/Dj KapOne

aka Adrian Apanowicz
KapOne's Breaking (Breakdance) and artistic journey began in 2001. He represents two Polish cities Polczyn     Zdroj & Szczecin, currently lives in British Bournemouth. KapOne graduated with a Masters degree from            Szczecin University in Physical Education. He is an active member of well known Polish breakdance group       "Sinior Sklad Family’’ and one of founder’s of "Mad Skillz Crew’’ . Has opened International Breakdance School "Break Ya Mind’’. KapOne is a B-boying Instructor and PE Teacher.
He draws on his knowledge and inspiration from predecessors of Breakin and Hip-Hop Culture. He has taken   part in theirs workshops and contributed to debates and international dance exhibitions. KapOne has won          competitions at many Polish, overseas dance events and festivals .
He is working in many artistic fields and his passion and love for music led him to becoming a DJ. He has           played many events. KapOne prefers vinyl plates, which make up most of his music repertoire . In summary       Dj/B-boy Kap1 is an extraordinary B-boy and digger of original b-boy breaks music. His passion, skills,                contributions, experience and humility guarantee professionalism in all his activities.
Check his facebook profile and find out more and see whole list of his dance awards.

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